Vendor Information

DoMo First Fridays | Every first Friday of the month

May – October | 6 – 10 p.m.

In collaboration with Music in the Plaza and First Friday Craft Grab

We Welcome: Vintage Vendors

We welcome vintage vendors who relish in retro. Goods are considered vintage when they are 20 years or older. Goods produced before the 1920’s are considered antique. If you sell these goods and have a portable mirror, you’ll find enthusiastic patrons at DoMo First Fridays!  

We Welcome: Makers and Artists

We welcome makers and artists to show off and sell their handcrafted goods and live art with the community. We prefer makers who design and produce their own goods but will consider vendors who use outside some production and have fantastic style!   

We Welcome: Food and Beverage

We welcome local businesses who make interesting, creative, delicious foods and non-alcoholic beverages that represent you in our community. If you can put it in a booth or a cart, please join us!  

We Welcome: Street Performers

We welcome dancers, buskers, street performers and live art at DoMo First Fridays. If you do not plan on being a vendor at a booth, please give us a good idea of what it is that you do and let’s talk! 


Booth Size Monthly Fee
5×5 $35
10×10 $40
10×20 $65
20×20 $125