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The StanCOG Policy Board held a meeting Wednesday evening to consider funding four million dollars in upgrades the Downtown Transit Station. DoMo Partnership lobbied support for the funding, which would allow for improvements to this historic gem, built in 1915. 

Transit is highly valuable to downtowns, relieving unnecessary road congestion and benefitting everyone directly around them with commerce opportunities and more meaningful foot traffic. A remodeled transit center would help maximize the use of transit service by creating a comfortable and hospitable environment for passengers. We’re happy to report that the funding was unanimously approved by StanCog!

The timing couldn’t be better as we look forward to ACE passenger rail beginning service between downtown, the Bay Area and Sacramento in the near future. We are grateful to have StanCog as a partner with us to frame a comfortable cosmopolitan downtown for all who work, live and play here. Downtown Modesto truly is one square mile of endless possibility.

Read the full letter of support from DoMo Partnership President and CEO Josh Bridegroom by clicking on the link below.