What is Streetscapes?

Streetscapes is a public art and placemaking program of the Downtown Modesto Partnership that encourages artists and designers to share their creativity in downtown Modesto by creating utility box murals. The goals of the program are to create pleasant spaces for residents and visitors and to deter unsightly graffiti. We invite artists and designers to participate by transforming common utility boxes into works of art, adding beauty to the downtown Modesto streetscape for years to come. Five utility boxes are in the initial phase of the project, but eventually, boxes all over the downtown will be included.

The Downtown Modesto (DoMo) Partnership is a non-profit 501(c)(3) community benefit corporation that is managed by the DoMo Partnership staff and its board of directors consisting of property owners, business owners, and community members. The DoMo Partnership’s goal is to build a positive image of downtown Modesto by highlighting all the great things the community has to offer and bolstering services that improve the user experience.

Application Guidelines

To participate, complete and submit the materials listed below by May 18, 2017.

  • Application form
  • Utility box location page
  • Artwork/design description and artist background form
  • A color rendering of your proposed design using the template below

Submit materials by mail or in person to Streetscapes, Downtown Modesto Partnership, 1325 H Street, Suite D, Modesto, CA 95354. Questions to (209) 303-0411 or josh@domopartnership.org.


Priority will be given to Stanislaus County residents.

  • All entries must be the original design and work of the entrant(s). No copyrighted or
  • trademarked images unless they are owned by the artist.
  • A release of liability form will be required if your design is selected.
  • Entries and forms must be submitted together as a single package. Do not attach forms to your template.
  • Entries must not defame or violate the rights of any person.
  • Entries not adhering to these guidelines will not be considered.

Medium & Specifications

  • Artwork will be in a public place and must be suitable for viewing by all ages.
  • Paint, colored pencils, pen and ink, digitally printed vinyl, and vinyl wraps are all acceptable media.
  • Doors, handles, keyholes, vents, and hinges cannot be painted or covered in ways that hinder their use.
  • Artists will receive up to $400 worth of materials to complete their utility box.
  • Designs that are primarily dark colors will not be considered because of the potential of overheating the utility boxes.
  • Entries may be hand drawn or computer generated. Each sheet must be labeled on the back and taped together as in the template provided below. (Label with side number, your name, and artwork title.)


  • A panel of judges consisting of Downtown Modesto Partnership members will evaluate entries based on artistic excellence, appropriateness, and creativity. Winners will be notified by June 15, 2017.


  • Artist recognition will be via your signature on the utility box (no larger than 3”x5”).
  • Detailed inclusion of the artist(s) name, artwork title, and photo of the artwork may be featured on Downtown Modesto Partnership website, social media channels and other promotional materials.
  • Artists will receive an award certificate recognizing their work.
  • Please note: no monetary compensation will be awarded to artists or their assistants.
  • The Downtown Modesto Partnership is the final decision making body.

Entries may be hand drawn or computer generated. Each sheet must be labeled on the back and taped together as in the template provided below. (Label with side number, your name, and artwork title.)

Utility Box Location

  • J Street at 11th
  • J Street at 12th
  • I Street at 10th
  • I Street at 11th
  • I Street at 12th

Which location do you prefer?