Growing Unhindered Production by Nieko McDaniel at Tri-Chromatic Gallery

Starts in 6 Hours, 5 Minutes

July 20, 2019 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The materials artist use in their work tell as much of a story sometimes as the picture that those materials ultimately create. Nieko McDaniel uses recycled cardboard, cans and various other found materials to narrate stories of personal and social interactions. Using the impermanence of his materials, he creates elegant situations that are playful and sincere. His work, “Too wide, or Too Small”, uses cardboard rolls of various sizes, slid between three cutout holes in a piece of cardboard, to describe inadequacies of sexual interaction, another work of his deals with ideas of body image juxtaposing a washboard in a frame with a crudely drawn torsoto 6 pack of crushed Heineken cans. This work titled “An Addictive Personality” narrates the similarities of life styles of those who are addicted achieving the perfect self-body image. He paints them in the same light as addicts and his experiences with the dangers of competitive bodybuilding and its dangers. Nieko takes a lighthearted look into personal and social depravation. His ability to start a conversation with the viewer effectively, making you think about your own inadequacies, doubts and self-reflection and how much time we actually spend dwelling on these things connecting the vulnerability of the material to that of our thoughts and feelings of the subjects he portrays in his work, is effective and strikingly beautiful in its construction.

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WHERE:  Tri-Chromatic Gallery, 1321 J St., Modesto, CA 95354