Survey shows strong interest in living in new housing in downtown Modesto

A recent survey by the Downtown Modesto Partnership indicates growing interest by potential homeowners in buying new residential units downtown.

Last fall, the DoMo Partnership created an online survey to help gauge interest in living in downtown Modesto. More than 400 people responded — and about 70% of them (280) said they definitely would consider living downtown if quality housing were available. That’s a very positive indication of the residential possibilities for downtown.

Among other key findings:

  • The vast majority (75%) of those who want to live downtown prefer two- or three-bedroom housing
  • Most (62%) would prefer to own instead of rent
  • While the majority (51%) is 26 to 45 years old, 20% of those interested were over 55.
  • Many (39%) are from households that earn more than $100,000 annually; 19% are from households that earn more than $150,000.


DoMo Partnership CEO Josh Bridegroom said the information collected via the survey will be used to inform the process the DoMo Partnership is engaged in to make downtown housing a reality. Part of that process, he said, is to make downtown housing projects more appealing to prospective developers by identifying and removing financial and regulatory barriers to construction.

“Residents create a built-in care and support system for their neighborhoods, providing a reliable and stable market for businesses and helping manage the safety and overall health of the area,” Bridegroom said. “We have thousands of jobs downtown and lots of great businesses and amenities. What is most conspicuously missing are residents.”

If you are interested in living in downtown Modesto, please contact the Downtown Modesto Partnership at and let your voice be heard!


The DoMo Partnership was formed as a nonprofit in September 2015 to enhance downtown guest experience and bring renewed attention to the many positive things happening in downtown Modesto. It describes the one square mile as an area of “endless possibility” and the “heartbeat” of the city, where culture, cuisine and community connect in a “comfortable cosmopolitan” atmosphere.