Fasm Creative Battle

Fasm Creative Battle is a mural festival that operates like an art competition. It has been a growing annual event that, for the first time this year, is partnering with local organizations and businesses to create Modesto’s first large-scale mural festival, with the intention of becoming an annual event and one day, populating the city with art installations. It will take place Friday, September 7th and Saturday, September 8th in downtown Modesto. This year, seven mural artists will each paint a mural on the alley-facing wall of Chartreuse Muse Art Gallery as a permanent art installation. This is a highly-visible and often-visited wall from 10th Street, a main street in downtown Modesto.

Who will participate?

Fasm Creative Battle is bringing seven world-renowned artists from all over the globe to Modesto, California. Hailing from San Francisco, Sacramento, Texas, Guatemala, Korea and New Zealand, these artists will battle it out on a giant wall in downtown Modesto, yielding seven adjacent murals that will add interest and value to our city.


See the work of featured artists on their Instagram pages: