Organizational Philosophy

Downtown Modesto is the civic center of the community. We all want to see it prosper. There are shared values about what that means. Most would agree that reduced building vacancies, enhanced cleaning and maintenance, beautified streetscapes, improved safety and security, and new investment would add value downtown. Indeed, these are the very things many have been trying to achieve independently, with limited success. By framing a structure of partnership with a common and holistic vision for the future, downtown Modesto benefits from the collective resources of all agencies, groups, businesses, property owners, churches and concerned citizens working in concert.

Partnership also ensures these same groups are not stumbling over one another, that all issues are being considered and addressed based on shared values and priorities, and that we are all accountable for the success of our downtown. Effective partnership requires organization around a common vision, structure and strategies. The Downtown Modesto Partnership was created with these things in mind in order to succeed where past fragmented and incremental approaches have failed.

With the power of collective impact, our only limitation is our imagination.